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the winery

A distinguished character, a deep body, flavour, exotic taste, classical arts – good wines are like a comedia dell’arte by Shakespeare. Stephano, the boisterous cellar master from Shakespeare’s famous play “The Tempest” is not by accident the inspiration for the Wine Estate StephanO.
We are devoted to producing premium wines from our vineyards in Deutsch-Schützen and Eisenberg, setting out with passion, just like Shakespeare’s Stephano.
Amongst Stephano, more of Shakespeare’s characters like Trinculo, Caliban or Gonzalo complement the composition of our wines ranging from Blaufränkisch to Merlot. They thrive on the rich loamy soils of the gently sloped vineyards, Southern Burgenland is famous for.
Be inspired by an exquisite wine experience and come to visit the Estate. The highlight: wine tasting at the Wine-bar - with direct view of our barrique cellar. Come to rest at the antique wooden table and sense the spirit of our wines and the Estate.